Imbalance of Power: Poetry Set

The following set of poetry includes works of fiction. You may find some these offensive or triggering. Please be advised.


to sum you up: in 6 acts.

1. Imagine you are sitting in a dark room, 93% darkness, 7% silhouette of me sitting in the only chair facing right in front of you. This dark room is 9 ft in length, 6 ft in width, and the quiet envelopes us as your eyes adjust to me and I adjust to you. This…

100 ft h i g h and sitting in the wet grass: summer.

As one will tend to do at least once in their coming of age story, I recently discovered that I was an unsightly degree of   l o n e l y . It was the kind in which people could see the hideous purple and blue bruise of a rain cloud hovering over my…