An Explanation.


“This is the way
the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper.” – T.S. Eliot

But what if our world, more specifically our universe, did not cease to exist insignificantly between the two blinks of your eyes, but instead came to a point in which it could not grow any further? So it began to re-collapse in upon itself, destroying all the progress it had once made only to come to a point where there was no longer any devastation. There was only the nothingness of a pre-existing/no longer established universe. We will call this our Big Crunch (as the scientists do, of course).

Then, this spectacular, oscillating universe bursts forth once more with another Big Bang, and the possibilities for star patterns and galaxy formations become endless once more. So in fact, the ultimate fate of the universe isn’t that it dies or ceases to be, but instead collapses to it’s lowest point before (through an act of science I can’t possibly understand or by sheer will) it pulls itself up once more, expands again, reaches new depths, and becomes the version of itself it never could have been without that initial Big Crunch.

And so, I am my own Big Crunch. I am interested in the destruction and collapsing of my own human persona culminating into the point in which I am ready for Georges Lemaître’s Big Bang to hit me once again. I feel compelled to share stories and thoughts about a variety of different things, but I’ll try my best not to motivate you directly or influence your diet and exercise routine at all because, as I see it, we are all crumbling and reforming our own personal, egocentric universes together and I’m just a rambling writer who is just as confused about life as you are.


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  1. sexxiaa says:

    Wow 😊 this is amazing. So happy you finally created it.

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